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Career Development (CDE) contests contest info

Upcoming contests: 
Heritage Cup
        Cal Poly Pomona
        Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (state finals) 
California FFA CDE link

Contest information: 
Agricultural Communications (new contest 6/2018) See Code
Agricultural Issues Forum (Revised 6/2015) See Code
Agricultural Mechanics (Revised 6/2019)
   Tool ID List (1/2014)
Agricultural Mechanics Standings
Scantron and OMR Exam forms
Agricultural Pest Control (Revised 6/2019) See Code
Agricultural Sales (Revised 6/2015) See Code

Agricultural Welding (Revised 6/2018)

See Code

Agriculture Experience Tracker (AET) Farm Record Book (Revised 6/2019)
   AET Scenerio Samples

Scantron and OMR Exam forms
Agriscience Fair (Revised 6/2019) See Code

Agronomy (Revised 6/2019)

OMR and Barcode judging cards
Best Informed Greenhand Scantron and OMR Exam

Citrus Judging (Revised 6/2018)

OMR and Barcode judging cards
Computer Applications (Revised 6/2013) See Code

Cotton (Revised 6/2019)

OMR and Barcode judging cards
Creed (Revised 6/2017)
   Creed Speaker Script
See Code

Dairy Cattle Judging (Revised 6/2019)

OMR and Barcode judging cards

Extemporaneous Public Speaking (Revised 6/2017)

See Code

Farm Business Management(Revised 6/2019)

Scantron and OMR Exam forms
Farm Power and Machinery Scantron and OMR Exam forms

Floriculture (Revised 6/2019)
   Floral Judging Manual Test Bank Test Key

OMR, Barcode judging and exam cards
Food Science & Technology (Adopted 6/2016) (Revised 6/2019) See Code
Forestry (Revised 6/2019) See Code
Fruit Tree Judging OMR, Barcode judging cards
Fruit Tree Pruning See Code

General Rules (See Introduction) (Revised 6/2019)

Grapevine Judging OMR, Barcode judging cards
Grapevine Pruning (Revised 6/2017) See Code, Scantron, OMR Exam
Impromptu Public Speaking (Revised 6/2014) See Code
Job Interview See Code

Light Horse Judging (Revised 6/2019)

OMR, Barcode judging cards
Livestock Judging (Revised 6/2017) Qualifying State Finals Teams
  Test Bank
OMR, Barcode judging cards

Marketing (Revised 6/2018)
   Exploring Farmer Cooperatives (Revised 9/2017)
   Co-Ops 101 An Introduction to Cooperatives
   Cooperatives in Agribusiness

See Code
Marketing Plan (Revised 6/2019) See Code

Meat Judging (Revised 6/2019)

OMR Meats forms
Milk Quailty and Dairy Foods (Revised 6/2018)
   Test Bank Test Key
OMR, Barcode Milk forms
Natural Resources (Revised 6/2016) See Code
Nursery/Landscape (Revised 6/2019) See Code, Scantron, Judging Cards
Parliamentary Procedure and Debate (Revised 6/2018) See Code
Poultry Judging (Revised 6/2019) See Code and Judging Cards
Prepared Public Speaking (Revised 6/2015) See Code
Small Engines (Revised 6/2018) Scantron and OMR Exam forms
Soil and Land Evaluation Contest (Revised 6/2018)
   California FFA Soil and Land Evaluation Manual
OMR Barcode
Vegetable Crop Judging (Revised 6/2018) OMR, Barcode judging cards

Veterinary Science Judging (Revised 6/2018)
    Practicum Rubrics (PDF)
   Veterinary Science Math Problems
   Veterinary Science Standings


livestock judging test bank Deborah Wroblewski 1/21/2019 111 KB
veggie reasons sheet Deborah Wroblewski 1/21/2019 82 KB
veggie curricular code Deborah Wroblewski 1/21/2019 131 KB
veggie id -edible portion Deborah Wroblewski 1/21/2019 20713 KB
veggie contest weeds Deborah Wroblewski 1/21/2019 2684 KB
veggie contest - insects Deborah Wroblewski 1/21/2019 784 KB Deborah Wroblewski 1/22/2019 18 KB
livestock judging curricular code Deborah Wroblewski 1/22/2019 258 KB
4H livestock evaluation manual Deborah Wroblewski 1/22/2019 3712 KB
4H livestock judging manual Deborah Wroblewski 1/22/2019 1497 KB
livestock judging basics ppt Deborah Wroblewski 1/22/2019 2492 KB



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