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CDE contests
Livestock judging contest   in class booklet
livestock judging curricular code
livestock judging basics ppt
4H livestock evaluation manual
4H livestock judging manual
livestock judging test bank

Steps to winning: 
Learn the anatomy and gender terms of cattle, goats, sheep, hogs
Memorize 5 general traits that are desirable for each species type (know the priorities!)
Be able to compare individuals in a class based on those traits  (Practice!!)
Memorize a reasons format, and use it to give a simple set of reasons to place a class (Practice!!)
Learn more detailed vocabulary to describe and compare the animal traits (Practice!!)
Develop and eye to see more details when evaluating the animals (Practice!!)
Work on giving a more detailed, descriptive set of reasons (Practice!!)
2019 Team members: 
Zachary Williams, Emily Cullins, Keenan Hardy, Jacquelynne Camarena,
Giselle Alvarez, Kirsten Ortega, Gabriel Gomez, Jasmine Camarena

Vegetable contest

        veggie curricular code
                                        veggie reasons sheet
veggie id -edible portion
        veggie contest weeds
veggie contest - insects 

 A Suggested Score Card as a Basis for Instruction in Judging Vegetable Exhibits

Possible Points

Condition - (clean, no blemishes, properly trimmed)


Uniformity - (same size, shape, color)


Trueness to type - (typical of variety)


Quality - (edible maturity, crispness, firmness)


Size - (conformity with market demands)




Practice veggie judging classes: judging tomatoes judging russet potatoes
judging onions
judging lettuce
judging artichokes

2019 Team members:   
Tori Vaughn, Miriam Rivas, Aracely Corona-Lopez, George Vera
Michelle Robles, Erik Lozada, Gabriel Preciado, Marlene Ruvalcaba

Vet Science contest

2019 Team members: 
Delaney Johnston, Jessica Mosqueda, Alyssa Cardon, Diana Rios
Evan Olsen, 


livestock judging test bank Deborah Wroblewski 1/21/2019 111 KB
veggie reasons sheet Deborah Wroblewski 1/21/2019 82 KB
veggie curricular code Deborah Wroblewski 1/21/2019 131 KB
veggie id -edible portion Deborah Wroblewski 1/21/2019 20713 KB
veggie contest weeds Deborah Wroblewski 1/21/2019 2684 KB
veggie contest - insects Deborah Wroblewski 1/21/2019 784 KB Deborah Wroblewski 1/22/2019 18 KB
livestock judging curricular code Deborah Wroblewski 1/22/2019 258 KB
4H livestock evaluation manual Deborah Wroblewski 1/22/2019 3712 KB
4H livestock judging manual Deborah Wroblewski 1/22/2019 1497 KB
livestock judging basics ppt Deborah Wroblewski 1/22/2019 2492 KB



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