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SAE Ag Projects

2019-2020 SAE Ag Projects and Participants 

2020-2021 SAE Projects and Participants 

Animal Science

Market Lambs: 
Market Goats:     
        Market Hogs:      
        Dairy Goats:        
        Market Steer:             
Breeding Goats:                       
Breeding Sheep:  

Guide Dogs:  

Environmental/Natural Resources

Forestry and Research:

Trout Education and Research       

Recycle/Reuse Projects and Research:        

Air Quality Projects and Research:

Wildlife Projects and Research:

Water Quality Projects and Research

Environmental Research Projects: 

  Coral Reefs : 

Environmental Design and Engineering Projects

Agriscience /Sustainable Agriculture 

Ag /Aquaponics Construction:

Aquaponics - aquaculture:

Aquaponics - vegetables: 

Greenhouse management:

Plants- landscape:

Pest management: 

Vegetable crops:  

Agriscience Research-
Ag Bio projects

Ag Chem projects

Ag job placement projects (paid)


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