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  FFA Chapter Meeting "Blue is Cool"
8/22/2018 3:00:00 AM - 8/22/2018 5:30:00 AM
  Event Description:

August 22, 2018 minutes


Opening Ceremonies


Meeting Called to order 3:07

Attendance: 102 members


Officers announced who they were


Treasurer's Report given by Erik

Tori moved to table the Treasurer's report

Carolina second to table  the report

Motioned passed


Secretary Report given by Emily

Crystery moved to table the secretary’s report

Tora Simpsons second to table the report

Motion passed


No President's report


Old Business-


Keenen Hardy  spoke on how well he did at fair

Delany spoke on the Banquet, saying that we had animals, lots of guests  and gave out awards.

Alyssa spoke on the Norco Fair, saying that it was too late to enter but that people are welcome to come and watch.


New Business-

We had no new Business to vote on.



 -Wolke presented on the t-shirt fundraiser, saying that the shirts are $13 dollars.

Wolke presented on the Greenhand Conference is coming up, but it is just for Freshmen, there is also  the Riverside Section Conference where any of the officers and Jr. Officers can attended.

Belle spoke about the package deal we are having where someone can buy a tshirt and the FFA banquet tickets.

Emily spoke about the Socal fair

Officers presented on the SAEs that are available at our school. Sign-up tables for different groups were available with project leaders available :


Forestry challenge

Market animals



Ag Mechanics

Guide Dogs

Trout Hatching



Closing Ceremonies-  Meeting closed at 3:44


Food and games

  Event Documents:
8%2F21%2F18 FFA min. 8/23/2018 6 KB DOC

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